Medical Grade Furniture Built to Last. Durable Seats that Won't Tear, Puncture, or Crack.

When you combine our 25 years of healthcare furniture manufacturing experience with our incredible, patented IC Plus Upholstery™ , you get stunning medical chairs that simply don’t quit.

No tears, no punctures, and no cracks within the first 10 years.

We guarantee it.

A New Kind of Medical Grade Seating.

Aloe Guest Seating

Easy to clean and disinfect Healthcare seating

Healthcare-associated illnesses affect 1.7 million Americans and over 200,000 Canadians every year. Chairs in healthcare settings, simply because of all the people who use them, can accumulate a lot of fluids and pathogens. Thanks to our patented IC Plus Upholstery, hospital-grade cleaners can help remove up to 98.68% of microorganisms from our products.

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Easy to clean and disinfectant safe

Healthcare settings are busy. Healthcare staff are even busier. That is why our medical grade furniture is designed to allow fast and thorough cleaning. In addition, our proprietary clip system allows tool-free seat removal for better cleaning access. Why? So that staff can easily keep your facility clean without wasting time.

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Aloe Patient Seating

Reliable and Durable

You want your chairs to look and feel the same on Day 1,000 as they did on Day 1. That’s why our seat surfaces have an innovative design that’s 5 to 10 times stronger than medical-grade vinyl when it comes to resisting wear and tear. You can disinfect it and clean it all you want without problems. We design our products to stand the test of time.

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Infection Prevention with IC Plus™ Technology

What if a single solution could make your healthcare chairs stronger, easier to clean, and more resistant to failures than ever?

IC Plus™, our patented coating technology, is an upholstery solution that does all of that and more. This one a kind upholstery is cleanable, durable, and is third-party certified by GREENGUARD® for low emissions, making it safe and convenient for staff and patients alike.

The end result? Healthcare-specific seating that can withstand the use of a hospital-grade cleaner but is also resistant to:

Infection Prevention with IC Plus™ Technology
Product Range
Guest Seating
Available only in Canada.
HAG Capisco
Hip Chairs
Laboratory Stools
Medical Stools
Multiple Seating
Nursing Station Chair
Patient Seating
Sleeper Chairs
Stackable Seating